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Are you still confused between plastic seal and nylon cable tie?

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Update time : 2021-06-18 15:52:50
    Plastic seals can be seen everywhere in our daily life now, and have been involved in various fields. But people often confuse plastic seals with nylon cable tie. In fact, they are very different in material, appearance and function.
    The plastic seal is composed of two parts. One end is a square plastic opening, in which there is a hook shaped elastic plastic buckle. The other end is a plastic seal body with serrations. The body can bend through the front plastic opening and form a ring. Nylon cable tie, as the name suggests, is the strap used to tie things.
                                                                                        <plastic seal>

    Most of the materials of plastic seals are PP, PE and other materials, which are molded by different molds, while the material of nylon cable tie is made of nylon.
                                                                               <nylon cable tie>

    Secondly, in the appearance, the plastic seal has a large name plate. During injection molding, I can add laser powder, laser marking or hot stamping can be carried out on the name plate, and the number, logo or bar code can be printed, which is very convenient in the later inspection. Nylon cable tie has a simple appearance and is suitable for strapping without marking.

    In terms of function, the locking method of plastic seal is much more than that of nylon cable tie. Nylon cable tie only needs ordinary toothed belt buckle. The plastic seal has a variety of locking methods, such as snap type, latch type, pull tight type, etc. Now the plastic seal will also add iron in the lock hole, which is safer than nylon cable tie.

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