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Several Precautions for Blocking

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Update time : 2023-02-16 16:32:00
Blocking is a lock often used in product transportation. It is widely used in the transportation industry. What problems should we pay attention to in the process of blocking?
First of all, the sign and code of the blockade should be unique.
In the process of purchasing blockades, many manufacturers are often greedy for small bargains and buy some products that they think are "good quality and cheap". Although the price of blockade is not high, it has a certain production cost. Choosing these low-cost products will inevitably cause many quality problems. During the use of the blockade, the uniqueness of the blockade code must be paid attention to, which is an important guarantee to ensure the safety of goods. Each blockade should have a fixed code. Once the code is repeated or ambiguous, the security of goods will be threatened.
Secondly, the person who imposed the blockade should be specified, and there should be a fixed person to record the encoding of the blockade.
The application scope of blockade is extensive. During its use, it is likely to pass through multiple ports or docks. Therefore, it is particularly important to make corresponding records. The operation steps of blocking are very simple. Once it is applied, the corresponding product cannot be opened. It is precisely because of the important role and value of blockade that special personnel should be assigned to seal products during the use of blockade. After sealing, there should also be fixed personnel to record the code of sealing.
Finally, during the use of the blockade, no one can open the seal except the special unsealing personnel.
The sealing lock has a good security function, but in some cases, the sealing lock has to be forced to open. In the process of customs transportation, the box must be inspected by customs personnel to pass the customs smoothly. However, a layer of customs lead seal shall be applied to the box after opening. The purpose of sealing is to let the consignee know that his goods have been inspected by the customs and are not opened at will by illegal persons.
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