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The standard for high security seals

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Author : TENGXIN
Update time : 2023-02-23 16:45:00
          First of all, high security container seals must comply with ISO 17712 certification. According to the definition of the ISO 17712 standard, high security container seals are made of metal or metal cables to protect goods.
          Secondly, if high security container seals meet the ISO 17712 standard, high security seals must undergo different mechanical tests before they can be classified as high security container seals, and the lock body of high security seals is marked with "H" :
     a) Impact test: To determine the resistance of high security seals ,to impact loads at 18°C ​​and -27°C.
     b) Tensile test: determine the strength of the locking mechanism of high security seals.
     c) Bending test: to determine the destructive resistance of high security container seals under bending load.
     d) Shear test: Test the ability of high security seals to withstand the cutting of scissors or blades, such as bolt cutters.
<High security seals ISO 17712 Certification>
          When the high security container sealspass the ISO 17712 certification, it can ensure that the high security container seals meet the specified specifications and ensure the quality and safety of the high security seals. Now the most common high-security seals are bolt seals and cable seals. If you want to buy high security container seals, we can provide it for you, please contact us, our contact information is
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