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Author : TENGXIN
Update time : 2021-06-11 13:11:38
Bolt seal is a kind of sealing equipment used in containers, container trucks, trucks and vans. One-time sealing cannot be damaged or unsealed. Container bolt sealcan prevent the old lead seal from being damaged and still restore its original characteristics.Container bolt seal has a systematic data code, the product and the code correspond one-to-one, and there is no duplication, so as to facilitate the computer management of the system, and the use of each container bolt seal can be checked on the computer.
Bolt Seal’s product clarifies "Metal lock body, internal use clamp spring structure, the lock rod is metal cold forging one-time molding, the exterior is galvanized and passivated, the exterior is injected with ABS plastic, the exterior can be laser marked, coded, bar code, etc, the color can be based on The user needs to customize, and the lock body can be added with a transparent cover to maintain the internal logo to avoid being changed.
 The operation method of container bolt seal is also very simple. Pass the lock bar part of the lock body through the product to be packaged, and then combine it with the lock head and press it tightly. Container bolt seals are now widely used in railways, highways, ports, aviation, petroleum, chemical, telecommunications, post and telecommunications, containers, tank trucks, packaging bags and various meters for cargo transportation. Container bolt seals are all used. These are the approximate contents of bolt seal.
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