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Padlock seals can be easily removed without tools

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Author : TENGXIN
Update time : 2021-11-03 17:22:25
     Padlock seals sometimes have to be removed quickly and easily by hand in an emergency. In hospitals and medical facilities, medicine cabinets or many containers and equipment on emergency vehicles, these containers and equipment are sealed for safety, but it is very important to remove the padlock seal quickly.
     TENGXIN produces a variety of padlock seals that can be opened without tools, and has a variety of designs and a variety of options such as markings and colors.
<Metal padlock seal>
     The most popular padlock seal has a metal buckle so that the user can break it by bending the buckle firmly back and forth. It is a stronger seal than a seal made of all plastic, and these padlock seals have the lowest cost and can be disassembled without tools. Metal buckle-type padlock seals are commonly used in utility meters, but are also used in many other applications, including aviation catering trucks.
<Plastic padlock seal>
     There is also a padlock seal made of all plastic. Although the padlock seal looks simple, the padlock seal is highly tamper-proof. The simple design allows users to easily see any tampering or attempts to remove and replace them. The plastic padlock seal is light in weight and easy to transport, store and handle. At the same time, the plastic buckle has a notch to make it easier for users to break. This is especially important for emergency and medical equipment or other equipment that requires quick access.
     TENGXIN provides high-quality services to customers of safety seals in different industries. We use years of production experience to answer your questions and provide you with the best advice. You are welcome to call or send an email to consult!
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