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Ship electronic anti-counterfeiting lead seal

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Update time : 2023-01-02 16:40:09
The electronic anti-counterfeiting lead seal is the NFC electronic lead seal uniformly customized by the Changjiang Maritime Safety Administration. The lead seal adopts the anti-counterfeiting technology with unique coding+confusion algorithm+dispersion factor+multiple coincidence of positioning information to prevent intentional forgery to escape the lead seal, and develops the Yangtze River Ship Water Pollution Zero Discharge Information System to input the lead seal information into the system, which can realize the unified management of "zero discharge" ships on the Yangtze River trunk line.
For "zero discharge" ships, the maritime administrative agency will use electronic anti-counterfeiting lead seals to seal the sewage discharge pipelines on board free of charge, except for the sewage transfer delivery pipeline. Its role is to ensure that all sewage generated by the ship is transferred to the receiving unit on shore for reception and treatment, and to prevent the ship from mistakenly discharging, leaking and secretly discharging sewage.
Why should the domestic sewage bypass pipeline of the ship be lead sealed?
According to the Rules for the Inspection of Inland Ships, the domestic sewage treatment plants of ships built before June 1, 2020 should be equipped with domestic sewage emergency bypass pipelines, which are equipped with three-way valves. Under normal circumstances, the emergency discharge pipelines should be closed, and all domestic sewage should enter the sewage treatment plants or storage tanks. This was originally for safety and other reasons, but it was used by some illegal ships to open the emergency discharge valve without permission to discharge domestic sewage secretly. The emergency bypass pipeline for domestic sewage should be blind cut or lead sealed to ensure that the discharge valve on the pipeline is closed under normal conditions and completely block the channel for the direct discharge of ship sewage secretly.
How to lead seal?
The shipping company and the ship shall carry out self inspection and take measures to close or seal the emergency bypass pipeline to ensure that the domestic sewage cannot be directly discharged into the river. The ships that have completed the self inspection can apply for electronic anti-counterfeiting lead sealing to the maritime administrative agency at the port of destination or the port of departure according to the voyage plan. The ships operating on the Yangtze River trunk line will complete the electronic anti-counterfeiting lead sealing by the end of June this year.
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