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Why can't pull tight cable security seals be replaced by a key lock

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Author : TENGXIN
Update time : 2021-07-30 16:29:31
              As one of the numerous types of security seals, cable security seals have a wide range of product models and product characteristics. By matching steel wires of different lengths and diameters, cable security seals can adapt to the use environment of different industries and are widely used in container shipping, tanker transportation, Truck freight, trailer freight, etc. As for why cable security seals are used as sealing tools instead of key locks? Here are a few points.

<Pull tight cable seal application>

    1. The pull tight cable seal is a one-time use seal, it is easy to operate and cheap.
         Cable lock seal is basically pull tight locking methods. You only need to pass the steel wire through the lock hole to complete the sealing of the goods, and you can also adjust the fastening by tightening the steel wire. Moreover, the price of waterproof cable seal is cheap, usually only one-tenth of that of ordinary key locks.
<Pull tight cable seal>
    2. Convenient for disassembly and management of pull tight cable seals.
         Since the key lock needs a corresponding key to be able to open each time it is unlocked, when a large number of locks need to be managed, the key lock will be difficult to manage. If the waterproof cable seal is used, only a wire cutter is needed, and the disassembled pull tight cable seal is directly scrapped, which is convenient for statistics and re-seal.
    3. The steel wire length of the pull tight cable seal can be customized at will.
         Customize steel wires of different lengths at will. This is something that ordinary key locks cant achieve. It just so happens that this is enough to meet the application needs of most customers. Compared with the wrong and complicated circuits like valve handle sealing, special custom lengths are used. The steel wire seal will be more suitable.
<Pull tight cable seal>
    4. Cable security seals can better protect the integrity of items
         The cable security seals are used as a disposable item, but there is no way to untie it, and the only way to untie it is to cut the steel wire with pliers. In fact, this is better. This is the point of using tamper proof wire seals. If you add a tamper proof wire seals, you can still open it at will, and it will be useless.
              The application of cable security seals in safe transportation management and anti-disassembly management cannot be replaced by ordinary key locks. If you have any questions, please contact us, we are happy to help you answer, our contact information is: [email protected];+86 15553178162

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