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How Is The Seal Produced?

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Update time : 2021-03-01 10:42:33
Process steps for seals:

The seal is composed of the following four parts:

(1): Shell: It is made of fully transparent ABS and is one of the most transparent raw materials.

(2): transparent cover: is a small piece of rectangular shape. The four corners of the slice are respectively cast with four pillars similar to the support columns of the four legs of the table, and are installed at the corners of the sealed transparent shell. The concave surface plays a firm role.

(3): Bar code label: The seal label can print a lot of logos, patterns, etc. that you want. Generally speaking, it is 417 yards and 128 barcodes with anti-counterfeiting effect. The name of the power supply bureau can be printed on the top of the barcode. Or other text. Below the bar code is the serial number that we all know, such as 00001,00002 and so on.

(4): Stainless steel inserts of different colors: The color of the inserts can be determined by the customers who need the seals. The colors are red, yellow, blue and green.

The most common seals are the cheapest, but they are available on the market, and the anti-counterfeiting technology is worse.

The anti-counterfeit seal with aluminum skin is better than the seal, the price is slightly higher, the anti-counterfeiting technology should be said to be good, the logo can be added, the anti-counterfeit mark on the back of the aluminum skin, and the anti-counterfeit mark on the front of the aluminum skin.
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