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Can the seal be destroyed privately

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Update time : 2017-04-24 11:37:00
As a kind of anti-theft locks, seals have been used in more and more fields, such as in short-haul transportation of trucks, postal services, banks and customs. Seals are similar to locks. Once they are properly locked, they cannot be opened unless violently damaged, and seals that have been damaged cannot be reused. Therefore, the seals play an important role in safety protection against the switch. However, there are also some lawbreakers who try to destroy the seals for profit. These criminals will also be subject to legal sanctions.
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The Customs Law of the People's Republic of China provides: Article 37:
Goods subject to customs supervision shall not be opened, withdrawn, delivered, shipped, exchanged, modified, mortgaged, pledged, retained, transferred, exchanged, marked, used for other purposes, or disposed of without the approval of the customs. No one may open or destroy any seals imposed by the customs.
Although the seal is a small object, the role played by it should not be underestimated. If criminals breach the seal privately, they will be punished by law.
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