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All luggage is easily tampered

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Update time : 2021-09-28 16:32:54
       What if my luggage is searched and the security plastic seal is broken?

       First, international travelers tell us that their luggage has never been opened since they started using our tamper-proof security seal. In 99% of cases, your luggage will not be searched, and most thefts occur at the luggage inspection. Therefore, if you see a tamper-proof plastic seal, the thief will move to a target that is easier to steal. Moreover, these security seals can also prevent someone from stuffing dangerous things into your bag without your knowledge.
<Plastic seal application>
       The plastic seal used in the suitcase can only be used once, and the security seal breaks after it is opened. The imprint on the security seal is unique. If the number on the plastic seal of the suitcase received by the customer is consistent with the bill of lading, it means that the suitcase has not been opened and the luggage is intact.
       The steps to lock the security seal on your luggage are easy to follow, so you must ensure that you do your best at every step to prevent your luggage from being damaged, stolen or sabotaged in any way.
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