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Safety of meter seals

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Update time : 2021-09-26 17:34:40
       Security gas meter seals provide security to prevent tampering-such as unauthorized access to electronic gas meters.
       The main body of the gas meter seal is plastic, with a PC shell and ABS core, which can withstand direct sunlight, extreme weather and various temperatures. The plastic meter seals locking system is one of the simplest systems ever. There are two holes on the head of the gas meter seal lock body, you only need to insert the sealing wire. Plastic meter seals are a kind of seals suitable for all types of meters. The transparent body of the gas meter seal contains a color insert with a one-way rotation locking mechanism. Once sealed, the locking mechanism of the plastic meter seals is completely wrapped, which means that tampering is very difficult-viewing the locking insert through the transparent body of the gas meter seal can clearly see any tampering attempts.
<Plastic meter seals application>
       Plastic meter seals are simple and practical to use. They can be fixed even in hard-to-reach places and can be easily read within a certain distance, because plastic meter seals can print clear text and numbers. The number on the gas meter seal allows any design, text, QR code, etc. to be designated to be printed to improve safety and traceability.
       The high-quality gas meter seal produced by our company also provides higher safety for electronic instruments, water seals, and gas meters. If you need plastic meter seals, please contact us. Our contact information is: +86 15553178162  or  [email protected]
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