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Application of bolt seals on containers

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Update time : 2018-04-24 10:57:00
Seal is a one-time lock, and there are many types of seals, such as: cable seals, plastic seals, meter seals, bolt seals. Among those seals, when speaking of container seals, bolt seal is the first one to be thought of. Because it adopts the tough material structure, the shape has a bullet-like tip, and the inside of the lock body adopts the clip spring structure, and the external are wrapped with ABS plastic molding, which has high security.
bolt seals on containers
So how to seal the container with a bolt seal?
The lock body and the lock band are all completed and separated, while the lock heads are respectively connected at two ends of the lock band, an annular groove is opened on each lock head, and a through hole for the lock head to penetrate is formed on the lock body. Two holes are formed on the hole wall of the through hole, and a notched ring is installed in each groove, and each ring is respectively matched with a groove on a lock head. The lock heads at both ends of the lock band are respectively inserted into two ends of the through hole of the lock body, and an annular groove on each lock head is matched with a ring in the through hole to lock the lock head.
The bolt seal is small in size and full in weight. The safety performance is higher than other seals after using it. If you want to remove it after sealed, you need to use hydraulic shear, and it cannot be reused after the cut.
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