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Features of RFID bolt seal

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Author : TENGXIN
Update time : 2021-09-03 13:48:50
       The rfid bolt seal is actually used to prevent theft and leak, and seal it against forgery. There is not much difference in appearance between rfid bolt seal and ordinary container bolt seal. The main difference is that there is an additional electronic chip inside rfid container bolt seal. The rfid bolt seal is better than ordinary container bolt seal in anti-counterfeiting, and it also lies in this electronic chip.
Rfid container bolt seal has the following characteristics:
1. Anti-counterfeiting
       Each chip of rfid bolt seal has a serial number, which is solidified inside the chip during the production of rfid container bolt seal and cannot be modified. The production of rfid bolt seal integrates the chip and rfid container bolt seal structure into one, thus It is determined that the rfid container bolt seal cannot be imitated.
2. Anti-pry
       The lock body of the rfid bolt seal is made of plastic in one shot. The chip is combined with the lock body during processing, and the chip will be damaged when the lock body is manually opened.
3. Electronic
       Since the chips in the rfid bolt seal are all a serial number, and it is convenient to read wirelessly, it is possible to store each rfid container bolt seal, receive it, perform background registration, seal and void, scan and synchronize, and operate All records are tracked to realize electronic management.

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