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Security seals protect our food safety

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Author : TENGXIN
Update time : 2021-09-07 16:55:32
         When people go to the store to buy goods and see some sealed products, they can basically be sure that the food and beverages they buy are safe.
         The security seal wire is used throughout the food system. Starting from the farm, whether it is dairy products, meat, agricultural products or grains, there are storage or transportation systems with plastic seal wires. The use of security seal wires ensures that the loaded contents will not be contaminated or tampered with.

<Security seal wire application>
         For example, before a milk bucket full of milk leaves the farm, you will usually see a security seal wire in the hatch on the top of the tank. After using the security seal wire, you can ensure that it is as pure as it was when you left the farm.
         Plastic seal wire is used in all modes of food transportation, including rail, sea and air containers.
         Our security seal wire is in a leading position in the industry. If you need food-related plastic seal wire, or have other questions about plastic seal wire, you can call or email us to ask questions, welcome to consult!
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