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The importance of high security seal in the medical industry

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Author : TENGXIN
Update time : 2021-09-24 17:45:35

The tamper-resistant high security seal is known for its durability. Tamper-proof high security seals are widely used in the logistics and transportation industry.
The healthcare industry has the most complex supply chain of all industries. These supply chains are important because they carry the products and equipment needed to save lives. This is why tamper proof wire seals must be used to protect these supply chains from theft, theft and pollution. We can protect the healthcare industry by providing high-quality high security seals.

<Tamper proof wire seal application>
Our high security seal series provide a safety barrier between bad actors and healthcare products. These metal tamper proof wire seals can be used for truck and trailer doors and require special tools to remove them to provide the highest level of healthcare security in the supply chain. These high security seals are designed to prevent opportunistic theft of high-value or high-risk products, and tamper proof wire seals can be laser marked and numbered to prevent the replacement of counterfeit products. All of our high security seals have passed ISO 17712 certification and undergo rigorous strength and efficiency tests

<High security seal application>
Of course, tamper proof wire seals are not only aimed at the healthcare industry, and the healthcare industry does not only use such products. Our plastic security seals provide a visual warning of tampering. This is also particularly important in the healthcare industry.
If you happen to need a high security seal, please contact us, and we will provide you with a tamper proof wire seal that suits you best! Our contact information is: +86 15553178162  or  [email protected]
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