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What are the advantages of RFID security seals

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Author : TENGXIN
Update time : 2021-07-20 17:06:32
               With the development of my country's national economy, large enterprises are moving faster and faster towards digitalization and intelligence. Due to the small amount of information, traditional security seals can no longer catch up with the development of enterprises, and now more and more security seals have developed RFID seals with chips.
               RFID seals play a very powerful role in logistics and transportation. General security seals rely on the identification on the security seal to determine the authenticity of the seal, which is very easy to be forged, and it is easy for criminals to take advantage of it. And each RFID seal has a unique identification code. This identification code is arranged during the manufacture of the rfid chip and realized by laser micro-engraving. There is no repetition in the world, and the only chip can be read through wireless non-contact methods. The code is compared with the database to determine whether the security seal is true or false.
               RFID seals are different from ordinary security seals:
     1. Recyclable (ordinary security seal: one-time)
     2. Do not imitate (ordinary security seal: multiple copies can be easily made)
     3. The only authorization (ordinary security seal: anyone can open it)
                   The emergence of RFID seals has solved the problem that people are worried that the purchase of traditional security seals is easy to be prevented by others.
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