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How about reusable cable ties

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Update time : 2021-07-16 15:17:54
        Nowadays, traditional ropes and cable ties are slowly withdrawn from the market, and more and more companies and factories prefer to use nylon cable ties. Nylon cable ties are not a single fixed style. In order to save costs, retractable cable ties have appeared.
        As the name implies, reusable cable ties are a style of cable tie that can be reused. As nylon cable ties are used more and more widely, people also have different needs.
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        The biggest feature of reusable cable ties is that it can be loose or tightened, and it will be used in more industrial productions. Because it can be loosened, it can be recycled. Since the material used is ul-certified nylon66, its biggest feature is its strong fire resistance, which can reach a high level of fire resistance, and it is not easy to age. The reusable cable ties can be used on a bundled power supply to achieve a certain firmness. Because nylon cable ties can be reused many times, after use, they can be removed and used next time, so the cost can be greatly reduced. 

        Now nylon cable ties have been used in more and more fields. They are widely used in the fixing of internal connection lines of electronic products, the fixing of internal circuits of lighting, the fixing of cable lines on ships, or the binding of other objects. They can also be used in various countries such as Europe and the United States. Use in supermarkets, etc.

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